Biden suggests some Fox News hosts have had ‘altar call’ after backing vaccinations

by The Independent

The Independent— ‘That’s good,’ the president said of the moves to try to convince viewers to get vaccinated

Deadline—Joe Biden, At CNN Town Hall, Suggests Fox News Hosts Have Had An “Altar Call” With Latest Vaccine Push. President Joe Biden, participating in his second CNN town hall since taking office, suggested that Fox News hosts have had a recent “altar call” by now promoting vaccinations as opposed to skepticism. Biden suggested that he was “feeling better” because “one of those other networks is not a big fan of mine,” but “if you [

The Washington Times—Biden knocks Fox News’ ‘altar call’ on vaccines. President Biden on Wednesday welcomed Fox News anchors now changing their rhetoric on COVID-19 vaccinations, joking that the networks’ stars had “altar call." Mr. Biden, speaking at a CNN town hall event, said, "One of those other networks — they’re not a big fan of mine, one you talk about

TheHill—Biden pokes at Fox hosts: They've had 'altar call' on vaccines. President Biden said it is good that Fox News anchors are now urging viewers to get vaccinated while poking fun at hosts for changing their rhetoric Wednesday."One of those other networks - they're not a big fan of