Youth inmates could be separated in Darwin

by Mail Online

Mail Online— A group of five teenage detainees identified as the main culprits in this week's riot at the notorious Don Dale Youth Detention Centre could be separated...

thenewstribune—3 West Virginia inmates convicted of murder as youths freed. Three inmates who were convicted of murder as teenagers decades ago have been set free under a West Virginia law that allows parole for juveniles who commit serious crimes, a … Click to Continue

Chicago Sun-Times—Fed jail guard admits smuggling drugs to inmates, could become inmate himself. Rafael Lizak, 29, may have made only $4,000 off the scheme hatched by an inmate. Now, he could spend years as an inmate himself.

New Haven Independent—Youth Continuum, Columbus House Get Nearly $1 Million To Tackle Youth Homelessness. An orphaned teenager lives with her uncle. Then the uncle loses his job and says he doesn’t have enough money to feed her. She must leave. Another teenage girl misses so many classes due to homelessness that she basically drops out of school. Yet she needs a place to sleep and considers the area around school relatively safe, so she spends nights under the outdoor lunch tables. When she one day goes back to class, her teacher yells at her for wearing dirty clothes.