Viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways was a PRANK shot with a Bieber look-a-like

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Justin Bieber seemingly sparked a worldwide debate last week about the proper way to eat a burrito after he was pictured eating one like a complete fool. Turns out it was all a hoax.

E! Online—That Viral Photo of Justin Bieber Eating a Burrito Was a Prank. You're not going to belieb this hilarious prank. Last week, a photo of what appeared to be Justin Bieber chowing down on a burrito went viral--mainly because the "Sorry"...—That Viral Photo Of Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Sideways Is Totally Fake. Did you see that photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito like a corn cob? The photo went viral on Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of news sites. But we’ve got some bad news for you, or good news depending on how you look at it. The photo is totally fake. More—'Justin Bieber' eating a burrito photo staged in viral internet prank. The man in the picture is actually Brad Sousaa