The 'party girl' pictures of Jessica that Fatima didn't approve of on Bride and Prejudice

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Bride and Prejudice star Fatima shocked viewers on Monday after reducing her son Seyat's fiancée Jess to tears by saying she 'dresses like a prostitute'.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's furious mother Fatima unleashes at her son's fiancée Jessica again. Bride and Prejudice mother-in-law Fatima has previously branded her son's fiancée, Jessica, a 'slutty party girl' and a 'whore' that doesn't deserve to marry her son.

Mail Online—Fans rally around Bride & Prejudice's Jessica Jones after altercation with Fatima Abazovski. While Fatima Abazovski may not approve of Jessica Jones, the 21-year-old Bride & Prejudice star has no shortage of support from fans of the new series, who have reached out to her.

Mail Online—The moment Bride and Prejudice's Fatima offers her daughter-in-law Jessica $10,000 to dump her son. She's become Bride and Prejudice's chief villain, and now a new trailer details the moment Fatima Abazovski tried to pay off her future daughter-in-law, Jessica Jones, offering her $10,000 to leave her son.