The New York Post: Burned-out New York consultant turns office politics into board game

by— A Queens, New York, man tired of backstabbing and office politics quit his job as a technical consultant and created a board game — about backstabbing and office politics.

Chicago Sun-Times—American Mensa Mind Games in Maine sees high IQ-types look for the next Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit or Taboo among new board games. A group of Mensa members gather around a table during the American Mensa’s Mind Games in South Portland, Maine. Troy R. Bennett / The Bangor Daily News via AP SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Makers of board games are seeking the smarty seal of approval at a round-the-clock event this weekend. The 2022 American Mensa Mind Games are underway at hotel in South Portland, Maine, where hundreds of intellectually gifted individuals are getting a crack at new board games...

New York Post—Gov. Hochul panders on abortion as New York burns. Crime is soaring statewide, the Empire State is losing its rich taxpayers and the Big Apple is rotting. Yet Gov. Kathy Hochul is prioritizing on . . . protecting abortion rights.—The Political Earthquake in New York That Doomed Democrats in 2022. Last Wednesday, the New York Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, ruled that the redistricting map Democrats had so carefully drawn that gave them three a