The Green New Deal Meets Green Republicanism

by The New Republic

The New Republic— In Concrete Economics, Stephen S. Cohen and J. Bradford DeLong exalt Alexander Hamilton as the architect of the booming industrial economy that took off in America in the second part of the nineteenth century. Hamilton’s great innovation was to marshal the federal government behind the infrastructure required to create a strong industrial base for the nation. To take just one example, the Department of War launched many of the mechanical devices and processes that later facilitated America’s...

Zero Hedge—Is AOC's New "Just Society" Platform Worse Than Green New Deal?. Is AOC's New "Just Society" Platform Worse Than Green New Deal? Authored by Sarah Cowgill via, Couch surfers, basement dwellers, and welfare-system abusers are rejoicing at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) latest harebrained scheme to rally votes for the progressive radical left. While her Green New Deal struggles on life support – surviving only by the prayers of Bernie Bros through the ether - AOC recently released her plan to equalize the nation. It’s...—Soylent Green New Deal. Little Sandy assents to baby-eating.—The Green 'New' Deal is the Old Agenda 21. The globalists are hammering out an agenda that will determine not only how many people there will be, but where they will live, how they will live, and what governments will permit them to do.