SA students to take first electronic exam

by Mail Online

Mail Online— South Australian students will make history when they become the first in the nation to take an electronic Year 12 end-of-year exam.Nearly 2000 students will...

BBC News—Student Uni president tweets that she wants to take down or paint over mural of white men in university, turns out this is a mural of students who left to fight in WW1 and never returned. The artwork was painted in 1916 as a tribute to soldiers who could not complete their studies.

EcoWatch—Big Oil Pours Record $30M to Sway Voters Against Nation's First Carbon Tax: If voters approve Initiative 1631 on Nov. 6, Washington state will take a significant step in climate action by becoming the first state in the nation to enact a fee on carbon emissions... unless Big Oil can stop it.. Washington Initiative 1631 would impose a starting fee of $15 per metric ton on carbon emissions, beginning in 2020.

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