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KSBW— Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee revealed two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump Tuesday, setting in motion a historic chain of events in our nation's history.

BuzzFeed News—Donald Trump Has Been Acquitted Of Both Articles Of Impeachment. President Trump will remain in office after the Senate voted to clear him of the charges that have dogged his presidency for months. View Entire Post ›

TheHill—McCarthy tears up articles of impeachment against Trump. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) tweeted a video of himself tearing in half the articles of impeachment shortly after President Trump was acquitted of both charges Wednesday afternoon."

Washington Free Beacon—Senate Acquits Trump of Articles of Impeachment. President Donald Trump was acquitted on Wednesday in his U.S. Senate impeachment trial, saved by fellow Republicans who rallied to protect him nine months before he asks voters in a deeply divided America to give him a second White House term. The post Senate Acquits Trump of Articles of Impeachment appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.