New year, new you, new personal finance goals


CNBC— The new year is upon us and with it an opportunity to reenergize our financial health. Here are some rules of thumb that will make it easier to track progress and see real results.

Mashable—Zuckerberg's New Year's resolution is to give up New Year's resolutions. Giving up? Now that's a resolution the common person can get behind.  Facebook CEO and laser enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg has a decade-long tradition of setting a yearly "personal challenge" for himself. And while they've frequently been, well, a bit odd, this year he's going in a different direction. Specifically, Zuckerberg announced today that he's abandoning the very concept of a yearly personal challenge.  Which, hell yeah, why not I guess? "Every new year of the last decade I set a personal...—New year, new you: Doctor emphasizes keeping up on yearly appointments. CLEVELAND (WJW) — New year, new goals, new you: 2020 is here and many people have made commitments to adopt a healthier lifestyle. “To start the year off on the what, on the right foot and really think about taking care of your health and you being in control,” said Dr. Elizabeth Bradely, medical director for the Center of Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. But sometimes we don’t always know where to start or how to keep it going. [

Gothamist—How New Yorkers Celebrated New Years Eve 100 Years Ago. As 1920 approached, change was in the New York City air. [ more › ]