I'm having an affair at 70 and it's the best sex of my life

by Mail Online

Mail Online— An anonymous woman in her 70s details her three-year affair with a man she met at an art exhibition. Despite feeling guilty, she said it takes her back to passion she felt when she was young.

the Guardian—My love affair with Oscar: why life’s better with a whippet. Oscar is a 12-year-old whippet who has seen me through the ups and downs of the last decade - and I wouldn’t be without him I love dogs. Duh, of course I do, who doesn’t? It’s like saying you enjoy sitting up in front of a roaring fire or laughter with friends: somewhat basic. They are precision-evolved to delight us and it works: there are about 12m pet pooches in the UK, which means a whole, diverse swathe of the population has decided life is better with a dog curled up at the heart of it,...

KOIN.com—Life without the mask: ‘It’s like I’m not wearing underwear’. Masking and other requirements put business owners in the difficult regulatory space where employees had to enforce politically charged rules that — masking aside — often changed.

Mail Online—Gemma Collins boasts about having 'the best sex of her life' with Rami Hawash. Gemma Collins has boasted of her 'passionate' bedroom antics with Rami Hawash after rekindling their romance.