Focus on human rights cases, making justice more accessible in coming years at the Judiciary

by— Prioritizing human rights cases and making justice more accessible to the marginalized and underserved are on the roadmap of justice reform in the next four years among the Philippine justice and law enforcement sectors.

Business Insider—The 27-year-old founder of a Gen-Z focused media platform is on track to make more than $1 million in revenue next year. Pavel Dler, 27, launched Culted as an arts and culture-focused news platform designed with Gen Z consumers in mind.—Justice Sotomayor makes the case for expanding the Supreme Court. Perhaps the most riveting moment in Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing on Mississippi’s challenge to abortion rights came from Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Six conservative justices showed their willingness to find any reason at all to erase decades of precedent and gut the right to an abortion in the United States, if not do away with it entirely—just as they were selected by Republican presidents, backed by the big-spending Federalist Society, to do. This puts the legitimacy of this court...—China has a record of human rights' abuses, and U.S. businesses make billions there. Scott Simon speaks with Robert Daly, director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, about why businesses aren't pulling out of China over its record of human rights abuses.