Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg congratulated Donald Trump for being 'number one on Facebook', according to Donald Trump

by Business Insider

Business Insider— Facebook/Donald Trump President Trump has claimed Mark Zuckerberg told him he was "number one on Facebook" when the two "had dinner the other day." Trump dialled into conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh's eponymous radio show on Monday, where he discussed his social media reach, as well as the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, who he described as "a terrorist." Zuckerberg and Trump have met on multiple occasions previously, both publicly and privately. The Facebook CEO refused to...

www.rawstory.com—Trump says Mark Zuckerberg told him he is ‘number one’ on Facebook. President Donald Trump boasted Monday that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told him at dinner he is “number one” on the global social media platform. “I had dinner with Mark Zuckerberg the other day and he said ‘I’d like to congratulate you

HuffPost—Trump Claims Mark Zuckerberg Told Him He's 'Number One On Facebook'. It's unclear what that means, but in terms of followers or likes, the president does not make Facebook's top 20.

Mail Online—Trump brags Mark Zuckerberg told him he was 'Number One' on Facebook during call-in to Rush Limbaugh. Donald Trump bragged on Monday that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told him he was Number One on the social media platform during a surprise call-in to Rush Limbaugh's radio show.