Donald Trump Jr. says Pelosi "ripped up" Trump's speech so GOP "shredded her impeachment"

by Newsweek

Newsweek— Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter Wednesday to blast House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up a copy of his father's State of the Union speech, while praising GOP Senators for shredding "her impeachment."

U.S.—U.S. Speaker Pelosi says she ripped up Trump speech because it 'shredded the truth'. U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi had not planned to tear up President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech but decided to do so after she could not find a page "that didn't have a lie on it," she told fellow Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday.

@politifact—Donald Trump says Nancy Pelosi’s speech tear was illegal. That’s wrong. PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.—Speaker Pelosi says she ripped up President Trump’s speech because it was a ‘manifesto of mistruths’. WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — And then she tore up the speech. No sooner had President Donald Trump finished his State of the Union address than House Speaker Pelosi ripped the paper it was printed on in two. Right there, on camera, behind Trump’s back. As he stepped down, she ripped again. Then a third time. And a fourth. If Trump knew about the American carnage going on behind him, he didn’t react as he left. But Pelosi was on her [