Delhi bans trucks as megacity chokes

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Delhi authorities have imposed a three-day ban on trucks entering the world's most polluted major city as its 20 million inhabitants wheezed in the toxic...—Study helps city ban large trucks. For decades, heavy diesel trucks taking cargo from container ships at the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal used a residential street in Elizabeth to avoid the tolls between Exits 13 and 13A on the New Jersey Turnpike. The trucks also routinely idled on the street awaiting their next load.—Choking Delhi smog draws protests ahead of Diwali. Concerns about a rise in smog levels around Diwali have lead to protests over the city's air quality.—Abrams: Banning Guns No Different Than Banning Radar Detectors. Ga. governor candidate previously said some Georgians may have to "turn their guns in"