DEBORAH ROSS: The Little Drummer Girl has no sexiness or swagger

by Mail Online

Mail Online— This adaptation of John le Carré’s The Little Drummer Girl has been made by the same team as The Night Manager but it has none of its sexiness or swagger—The Little Drummer Girl Is Dazzling, But Bloodless. Set in the 1970s and steeped in ambiguity and paranoia, the new adaptation of John le Carré’s spy thriller The Little Drummer Girl is fascinated by reflections — both the actual kind, captured in mirrors and windows and in the viewfinders of cameras used for surveillance, and the art mirrors ... More

The Telegraph—The Little Drummer Girl filming locations. A little more than two years after The Night Manager had viewers pining for a luxury stay in Majorca, the BBC has brought another John Le Carré spy thriller to our living rooms – with some equally eye-catching locations to boot.—The Little Drummer Girl Recap: Two Prisoners. There is nothing subtle about the second episode of The Little Drummer Girl, which gives the dueling stories of two prisoners and invites us to interrogate the similarities and differences of their situations. One is Salim, the Bad Godesberg bombing suspect who was abducted in the premiere, and now wakes ... More