California Fire Map: Getty Fire, Kincade Fire, Calabasas Fire, Brentwood Fire Updates as Strong Winds Could Fuel Further Outbreaks

by Newsweek

Newsweek— The threat of California's wildfires continues with critical dry and windy weather conditions expected through Wednesday.

Newsweek—California fires map, update as Getty Fire, Kincade Fire, Tick Fire, Vallejo Fire devastate parts of Los Angeles, Bay area. Fires will continue to rage in California this week as high winds fuel the spread of the flames, sparking evacuations, power outages and perilous conditions across the state. Here's the latest.

the Guardian—California wildfires: violent winds fuel Kincade blaze as Getty fire burns in LA. Firefighters race to bring Sonoma county fire under controlNew blaze broke out in early hours near LA’s Getty Center Roughly 741,000 homes or businesses still without powerCalifornia firefighters raced against time on Monday to bring a raging wine country wildfire under control amid a lull in the weather, with warnings that the extreme winds fueling fires across the state could pick up again soon. Violent winds of up to 100mph helped the Kincade fire, currently the largest burning in the state,...—California Fire Updates: Getty Fire Forces Evacuations in West Los Angeles as Kincade Fire Burns. An evacuation order still stands for 180,000 residents of Sonoma County, while part of Napa County is under an evacuation warning.