Bride and Prejudice: The heartbreaking moment Fatima breaks down in tears

by Mail Online

Mail Online— She was dubbed the 'mother-in-law from hell' for her harsh treatment of her son Seyat's fiancee Jess.

Mail Online—The moment Bride and Prejudice's Fatima offers her daughter-in-law Jessica $10,000 to dump her son. She's become Bride and Prejudice's chief villain, and now a new trailer details the moment Fatima Abazovski tried to pay off her future daughter-in-law, Jessica Jones, offering her $10,000 to leave her son.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's Fatima gets a taste of her own medicine. Fatima has put her daughter-in-law Jessica through the wringer on Channel Seven's Bride and Prejudice.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's Fatima is the mother-in-law from hell. It's been touted as 'the most controversial' reality show of the year.