Bride and Prejudice's Fatima 'destroys' Jess and Seyat's wedding

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Bride and Prejudice's second season will come to an end next week, and it looks like the show won't be bowing out quietly.

Mail Online—Bride & Prejudice's Fatima says son Seyat's relationship with fiancée Jess 'won't last'. The second season of controversial reality dating series, Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings kicked off on Channel Seven on Monday night.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's Jess reveals what her parents think of Fatima. Bride and Prejudice star Jess was relentlessly 'slut shamed' by her future mother-in-law Fatima in scenes that shocked Australia.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice Fatima unleashes on her son's fiancée Jess AGAIN. Bride and Prejudice mother-in-law Fatima previously accused her son's fiancée Jess of 'dressing like a prostitute' and 'smelling like cats.'