Bride and Prejudice Fatima unleashes on her son's fiancée Jess AGAIN

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Bride and Prejudice mother-in-law Fatima previously accused her son's fiancée Jess of 'dressing like a prostitute' and 'smelling like cats.'

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's furious mother Fatima unleashes at her son's fiancée Jessica again. Bride and Prejudice mother-in-law Fatima has previously branded her son's fiancée, Jessica, a 'slutty party girl' and a 'whore' that doesn't deserve to marry her son.

Mail Online—Bride & Prejudice's Fatima says son Seyat's relationship with fiancée Jess 'won't last'. The second season of controversial reality dating series, Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings kicked off on Channel Seven on Monday night.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's Jess hits back at her fiancés mother Fatima. Bride And Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings' Jess was reduced to tears after going head-to-head with her fiancés mother Fatima on Monday night's episode.