Bourke Street rampage witness describes horrifying sounds he heard as pedestrians were 'run down'

by Mail Online

Mail Online— A witness to the Bourke Street rampage in Melbourne has told the court about the things and saw and heard on the day a man allegedly ran down a number of pedestrians.

Mail Online—Bourke Street Rampage 2017. January 17, 2017: James Gargasoulas told a co-worker that if he were to be chased by police, he would keep driving and start running into people.

Mail Online—Bourke Street rampage victim who was stabbed by a knife-wielding terrorist. Rodney Patterson was one of three people who were knifed by the Somali-born attacker, who was shot dead by police after crashing a car and setting it on fire in Melbourne.

Mail Online—The desperate texts a policeman sent to James Gargasoulas before Bourke Street rampage. Just minutes before one of Australia's deadliest terror attacks, a police officer sent a desperate text message, pleading for the accused to not follow through with the plan, court has heard.