• Epic Games Store launches self-publishing tools for game devs and publishers

    Epic Games announced it is bringing self-publishing tools for game developers and publishers to the Epic Games Store.

  • Should The Names Of Stanford Student Disrupters Be Published?

    Should The Names Of Stanford Student Disrupters Be Published? Authored by Alan Dershowitz via The Gatestone Institute, Once again, a conservative speaker had been shouted down by censorial law students who didn't want him to speak. This time it was Stanford, last time it was Yale. Then it was Georgetown. If the Stanford Dean of diversity, equity and inclusion gets her way, this censorship of conservative speakers will spread to other campuses. Among the worst offenders in this...

  • Why don't 'AAA' publishers put out more 'B budget' games?

    B for big business Way back in the year 2008, my first ever front-page post for Destructoid asked if ultra-expensive, realistic-looking AAA games were where the industry was going. Flash forward nearly 16 years later, and most of the enduring, popular new intellectual properties since then haven't come AAA at all, and instead hail from what you might call "B budget" developers. Human Fall Flat, Five Nights at Freddy's, Genshin Impact, Among Us, Fall Guys, Fortnite, Vampire Survivors, and Rocket...

  • University publishes endowment investments climate report

    The University of Manchester has published a report into the climate impact of its endowment investments which reveals that, by 31 July 2022, the carbon intensity of its endowment equity investment portfolio has been reduced by 55% from 2019.The University has therefore hit its target of reducing the weighted average carbon intensity (WACI) by 5

  • Metro Boomin Sells Publishing For $70 Million

    Metro Boomin has built an impressive catalog in his career and has now agreed to sell his publishing to Shamrock Capital for $70 million. The new deal follows his latest album, Heroes & Villains. Metro Boomin Makes A Deal Star producer Metro Boomin agreed to sell a portion of his music publishing to Shamrock Capital […]

  • Game publisher Take-Two to lay off workers

    Take-Two, the video game titan that publishes the Grand Theft Auto series (among many, many others) has recently laid off an indeterminate number of employees. Although tight-lipped about which specific divisions were affected, or even the number of employees, the company described the layoffs as "necessary steps" to "better align our organisation with our long-term priorities." — Read the rest

  • Why has ‘richest PM in history’ not published tax returns?

    A Labour MP reminds Rishi Sunak of a pledge to publish his tax returns and asks where they are.

  • Brexit: New Stormont brake details due to be published

    It aims to give Stormont politicians a greater say on how EU laws apply to Northern Ireland.

  • Censorship or evolution? 'Sensitivity readers' divide publishing world

    It's a profession which is increasingly under the spotlight as the culture wars rumble on: "sensitivity readers" -- editors who identify insensitivities or stereotypes in manuscripts -- are becoming a lightning rod for the publishing industry.Mostly they are freelance editors, often paid by the word or number of pages -- and with strict confidentiality clauses, of course -- by authors or publishers concerned about the accuracy of their manuscripts.

  • Leominster native publishes eighth novel ‘Graffiti Tombs’

    LEOMINSTER — City native and prolific author Matt Serafini recently had his eighth novel published, a 212-page fiction page turner that delves into the dark world of vigilante Leo Holland titled “Graffiti Tombs.”

  • Amazon Kindle Newsstand to end; subscriptions to be handled by publishers

    Amazon is discontinuing Kindle Newsstand, which centralized a customer’s magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well as single-issue purchases through an Amazon account.

  • What self-publishing on the Epic Games Store means for gaming

    Epic Games is bringing self-publishing tools for game developers and publishers to the Epic Games Store. Here's what it means.