• Rex Education leads parents webinars on early childhood education

    Early childhood education (ECE) signifies a crucial window of opportunity for children's cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. It covers the period when children rely highly on those around them and their surroundings. As they learn, discover, and explore the world, they need guidance from parents and educators who are

  • How to fix America's educational crisis

    America’s families will have noticed aspiring presidential candidates talking about education in their bid for election. As an educator for nearly half a century, I listen closely and carefully to their pronouncements, all too aware that our education system is broken and tragically failing the promise of our children and their capacity to contribute to their communities and country.

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    How educational games have evolved over time

    Best Universities compiled a list of how different kinds of digital games for teaching students have evolved over time, from The Oregon Trail to the latest version of the Scratch programming app.

  • ChatGPT as 'educative artificial intelligence'

    With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), several aspects of our lives have become more efficient and easier to navigate. One of the latest AI-based technologies is a user-friendly chatbot—ChatGPT, which is growing in popularity owing to its many applications, including in the field of education.

  • Madeleine Nemergut: For education, the pandemic isn't over

    After almost three years of disrupted learning, many students are far below their grade level, especially in mathematics and reading.

  • Puerto Rico to decentralize Education Department

    Puerto Rico will decentralize its oft-criticized Education Department, noting potential better outcomes for students absent the largely ineffective and bureaucratic system.

  • Study examines education reforms in Wales

    Changes to how schools are assessed and improved professional learning are critical to the success of education reforms in Wales, a study concludes.

  • Consumer tip: Educate yourself on car warning lights

    Car owners can often feel taken advantage of by auto repair shops, especially those who self-proclaim they don’t know anything about cars. Dashboard warning lights, such as a check-engine or service reminder light, can cause panic. While warning lights could mean trouble, simple fixes can often take care of the issue. First, educate yourself before […]

  • Education needs structural changes and realistic expectations

    Eighth graders work on projects in an art class Kennedy Middle School in Albuquerque (Jon Austria / Allbuquerque Journal) Extending the school year will just give schools more time to be mediocre. Two basic changes need to be made that only involve going back to the "old days." The end of homogeneous grouping in classes goes back to the 1970s. Mixing kids at all stages of their learning makes teaching to the group very difficult. With students at widely varying stages of development and...

  • Government-opposition talks start about the future of education

    Interior Minister Sándor Pintér has invited all parliamentary parties to a consultation on the new legislation on teachers' career path #Hungary #Hungarian #education #teacher #dailynewshungary

  • Janis Bresnahan Run for Education set for Sunday

    AYER — The Janis Bresnahan Run for Education is set for Sunday, May 21, with proceeds to benefit the Ayer Shirley Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds educational and enrichment programs in the Ayer Shirley Regional School District's four schools.