• Ice Cube blasts Democrats: 'Nothing has changed' for black people who have supported Democrats for '60 years'

    Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Ice Cube said on a recent podcast that "nothing has changed" for black people who have "overwhelmingly" supported Democrats for over 50 years, and insisted that change is needed.On the "Full Send Podcast," which has previously hosted President Trump, Tucker Carlson, and even O.J. Simpson, Ice Cube was asked about his support for Trump in the 2020 election cycle."When you kind of supported Trump and stuff like that, what did you think about it, because you're [in]...

  • More votes for Democrats

    Lifting Title 42 restrictions was a terrible move (“Biden’s illegal immigrant flood,” Web, May 1).

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    Are There Are No Democrats on Mount Rushmore?

    The monumental sculpture depicting four U.S. presidents was completed in 1941.

  • Why Are There so Many Militant Democrats?

    As an engineer and scientist, I am never happy to accept “what is” but am always in pursuit of “why is it?” For many years I have pondered why there are so many militant “ground troop” Democrats. Thes

  • Democrats are out to destroy the middle class

    Democrats are bending every effort to destroy the middle class. Without this vital center as a bulwark of democracy, America will fall into their hands.

  • Feminist Concerns Are Democratic Concerns

    As our rights backslide, so too does our democracy—which is why feminist concerns are always and inevitably democratic concerns. This is a point we need to reinforce over and over and over again as this country gears up for the 2024 presidential election—the first since the Court stripped core rights away in Dobbs. (This essay is part of Women's Rights and Backsliding Democracies project—a multimedia project made up of essays, video and podcast programming, presented by Ms., NYU Law’s Birnbaum...

  • Democrats Kowtow to Pedophiles Again in Minnesota

    Last month, it was revealed that the Democrat-controlled Minnesota legislature was on the verge of changing the legal definition of “sexual orientation” in a way that could potentially lead to the inc

  • Democrats: Aren't you embarrassed by Fetterman's shorts and hoodie?

    Four days later, I am still in disbelief that Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) wore shorts and a hoodie to a Senate press conference. It was a cringeworthy moment in our nation's history and, quite frankly, trashy and classless. (This is not a sentence I want to be writing about our country's senators - Republican or Democrat).

  • Democrats Always Turn on Those They Claim to Support

    Democrats have long claimed to be supporters of the people, especially the poor and underprivileged. Yet, when their actions are examined even a little closely, you find that they are only interested in using these people as pawns, to increase and so

  • For Decades, Democrats Have Been Ignoring Evidence And Facts

    For Decades, Democrats Have Been Ignoring Evidence And Facts Authored by Vince Coyner via American Thinker, About 20 years ago, I read a piece about the North Miami police department eliminating the swimming requirement for the police. With a working knowledge of geography and having visited Miami many times, I thought this was a bit odd and kind of a bad idea. After all, North Miami has hundreds of miles of canals, lakes, and beaches. Predictably, the reason the requirement was...

  • GOP On Default Risk: 'Pressure' Is On The Democrats

    The deadline to fund the government stands just weeks away, which, if unaddressed, would cause major economic turmoil for Americans. On Wednesday, President Biden told the press that ‘the U.S. defaulting on our debt is not an option,” and Speaker Kevin McCarthy told journalists on Thursday that he saw a path forward for a deal on raising the debt limit. The latest optimistic words from the President and the Speaker mark a stark shift in the previously stalled negotiations, where now it seems the...

  • Democrats' ultimate NIMBYism — sanctimonious cities

    Democrats are squawking because their bluff has been called on illegal immigration. Lori Lightfoot, ousted mayor of Chicago, and Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, wrote recently to Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) to complain about his busing of aliens to their doorsteps from the Mexican border.