• Corporate donations

    Corporate donations provide us with unrestricted funds for services including our helpline, membership and community groups, peer support programmes and many more.  We wouldn’t be able to support the families we do without them. In addition to supporting worthy causes, there are business benefits to donating to charity which can be found on the Gov.UK website: Tax relief when you donate to a charity Tax when your limited company gives to charity Donations can be made online here, or if you...

  • How to justify your comms strategy

    On March 30, join this Staffbase FREE webinar, “The Proof is in the Pudding: Justifying Your Comms Strategy.” As if crafting your comms strategy isn’t enough work, then you’ll need to get leadership buy in. You clearly need some tricks of the trade to get the buy in and approval for your comms strategy, as […]

  • The triumph of corporate newspeak

    An unreal consensus grips our politics – and Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak offer only technocratic fixes for a Britain that no longer exists.

  • How Does Brand Strategy Spawn Focus?

    Lack of focus is a brand problem. Although many pathologize lack of focus

  • Is the bucket investment strategy right for you?

    Over the last few years, so-called bucket investment strategies have received increased attention by researchers and investors alike. It may be that it could work well for your portfolio.

    • Newsy

    How billionaires and corporations avoid taxes

    ViewGuess who? They’re the architects of modern shopping, driving, and digital communication. And according to Forbes’ widely cited data, they’re eight of the richest people in America. Between these business moguls is more than $900 billion in wealth. But much of it is wrapped up in real estate, retirement plans and large shares. Across the U.S., some of the nation’s top earners have a toolbox full of mechanisms to build wealth. And one of them is how to avoid billions of dollars in...

  • 5 Strategies to optimize sleep and productivity

    BY COACH VIKRAM New Delhi– We all want to know the key to being very productive, but in our quest, we compromise the most crucial productivity practice – a good […]

  • Strategy, Tips and Targets by Jon Anderson

    Welcome to my 2023 draft guide! In this piece, I try my best to give you all of the biggest lessons I learned in my draft preparation. I have put tons and tons of hours into fantasy baseball research this offseason, and I learned a lot in the process. I can't tell you everything here, Read More

  • Is your BYOD mobile strategy costing more than you think?

    As mobile work experiences redefine how business gets done, managing an increasing number of devices across a modern workforce has become a growing challenge. Imagine the retail associate using a tablet to check inventory and pricing for customers, the UPS driver recording deliveries and updating the system, and the construction foreman referring to a device for building specifications on-site. A 2022 Future of Work study found that “94% of organizations shifted to some...

  • AUKUS Submarine Workforce And Industry Strategy

    The Albanese Government is developing a comprehensive AUKUS Submarine

  • 7 Water-Saving Strategies for Your Business

    With water shortages rampant worldwide, here are some tips to avoid a crisis and help save our water resources.

  • How Team Biden is getting more and more corporations to do its bidding

    If you’re independent and self-employed, it’s harder to put the squeeze on you. If you work for a corporate boss who’s in the Democrats’ pocket, it’s much easier.