• Has Trumpism hit the Wall? and other commentary

    From the right: Has Trumpism Hit the Wall? Many are calling the vote by 12 Senate Republicans to overturn President Trump’s declaration of a border emergency a sign of a significant political break. But Spectator USA’s Daniel McCarthy insists it is no such thing. Each senator who joined with Democrats “did so for predictable ideological reasons,”

  • Commentary: Ilhan Omar, AIPAC and me

    I’ve been watching with more than a little interest the controversial statements about Israel and the Israel lobby by Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democratic congresswoman from the 5th District of Minnesota, because it turns out that we have a lot in common — up to a point.The first thing we have in common is that I was raised in the 5th District of Minnesota, specifically the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. I lived there until I was 20. It was a freaky place — a [

  • Commentary: Is Your Business Ready for Blockchain?

    Here is what businesses should consider before racing to adopt blockchain technology, writes Julie Sweet.

  • Britain’s Brexit circus and other commentary

    Foreign desk: Theresa May, Servant Prime Minister British Prime Minister Theresa May may view herself as a public servant, but Bloomberg’s Theresa Raphael contends that this week’s Brexit circus has undeniably altered her role: She “has now become the servant prime minister.” Meaning that “she can propose, but others” — Parliament, the European Union —

  • Commentary: Old folks’ home? No way

    My father died after just a few weeks in the old folks' home. I can't forget watching him walk around the place saying, "I don't remember a trial. Was there a trial or just this sentence?"

  • Why Pelosi really hates impeachment and other commentary

    Law prof: Why Pelosi Really Hates Impeachment Why did Speaker Nancy Pelosi crush the hopes of Democratic voters by vehemently opposing impeachment? After all, notes Jonathan Turley at The Hill, “Democrats held out the prospect of impeaching President Trump as a top reason for giving them back control of the House.” But the last thing

  • Bernie has the Democratic establishment petrified and other commentary

    Consultant: Bernie Sanders Has Democrats Petrified Once again, Sen. Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls, drawing large crowds — and “giving many Democrats and their allies heartburn,” suggests Ford O’Connell at The Hill. Already, his presidential campaign is “reopening old wounds” from 2016. Indeed, “the message from institutional Democrats and their allies in the

  • COMMENTARY: What do we do with a problem like Michael Jackson?

    We've entered a new phase with HBO documentary, 'Leaving Neverland.' The essential question is this: What do we do about Jackson's music moving forward?

  • Trump was wise to walk out on Kim and other commentary

    Security desk: Trump Was Right to Walk Away, But . . . As Bloomberg’s Eli Lake notes, it’s a North Korean tactic: “Negotiate, pocket concessions, then fail to deliver.” Which is why President Trump was right to cut short the Hanoi summit after Kim Jong-un demanded full lifting of sanctions in return for only partial

  • The myth of ‘middle-class Joe Biden’ and other commentary

    Political scribes: The Myth of ‘Middle-Class Joe’ Former Vice President Biden may be preparing to run for president as “Middle-Class Joe,” but as Politico’s Holly Otterbein and Marc Caputo point out, he’s got a $2.7 million vacation home, charges more than $100,000 per speaking gig and has a book deal likely worth seven figures. Indeed,

  • There’s no reason for a Beto 2020 run and other commentary

    From the left: Beto 2020 Has No Reason to Exist Beto O’Rourke “would seem to have much of what he needs” — political ­celebrity, a devoted base of fans and a network of small donors — “to mount a serious run” for president, notes Slate’s Josh Voorhees. He’s “just missing one thing, though: an actual

  • The college scandal is about a lot more than just bribery and other commentary

    Social critic: College Scandal’s About More Than Bribery America’s latest academic scandal has something for anyone who resents elitist universities and wealthy celebrities — which, as Bloomberg’s Tyler Cowen suggests, “is almost everyone.” But “the deeper lessons are mostly about our own hypocrisy.” The bribes allegedly paid to gain admission only mattered “because college itself