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    Stocks to Watch: TCS, NTPC, IDBI Bank, Adani Enterprises, ZEE Entertainment | Mint

    Indiabulls Housing Finance and GNFC are in the F&O ban list for 16 March. Securities banned under the F&O segment include companies where derivative contracts have crossed 95% of the market-wide position limit

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    Give your purchasers the facility to leverage the growing world market, through a seamless cross-border payments system built-in instantly into your website or software program. Learn how to consider and make economic choices based mostly on demand in this 15-minute Harvard Business School Online lesson. The Introduction to Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Statements webinars provide a great alternative to be taught the essential… Serving New Jersey, our communities and the world by...

  • Google has discontinued the Glass Enterprise Edition

    Google has announced today that it will no longer be selling its Glass Enterprise Edition 2 headsets, with support set to be discontinued later this year. After the commercial failure of its original Google Glass headsets, the company segued the AR product into a solution for businesses and industrial customers, intended to allow workers to

  • How can GPT-4 help enterprise?

    The new large language model includes the ability to input long and large documents that can improve analysis and recommendation quality.

  • Google Glass Enterprise has finally bitten the dust

    Google is retiring its decade-old smart glasses product, but that doesn't mean it's game over for the wearables.

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    Google halts the enterprise sale of Google Glass

    Google has officially stopped selling the Enterprise edition of Google Glass, its augmented reality smart glasses. The company, however, will keep supporting the device until September 15, 2023.

  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition Has Been Discontinued: Here’s Why

    Support for Google Glass might end this September.

  • The power of MLOps to scale AI across the enterprise

    Most ML models don't make it into production because developers don't have the right workflows and tools. This is where MLOps comes in.

  • How the quest for AI at scale is gaining momentum in the enterprise

    With the latest technology, increased computing power and advanced data solutions, the quest for AI at scale can be tackled as never before.

  • With ChromeOS in 2023, Google's got its eye on the enterprise

    Google's ChromeOS is the Rodney Dangerfield of modern operating systems: It's been around for ages now, and it pops up in all sorts of unexpected places. No matter how hard it works, though — boy, oh boy — it just can't get no respect.Much like Dangerfield, ChromeOS's struggle to be taken seriously dates back to its childhood. When the software first entered the universe in the simpler tech times of 2010, it truly was a barebones effort. The entire platform was essentially just a browser in a...

  • Enterprise IT moves forward — cautiously — with generative AI

    Vince Kellen understands the well-documented limitations of ChatGPT, DALL-E and other generative AI technologies — that answers may not be truthful, generated images may lack compositional integrity, and outputs may be biased — but he’s moving ahead anyway. Kellen, CIO at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), says employees are already using ChatGPT to write code as well as job descriptions. OpenAI’s text-generating ChatGPT, along with its image generation cousin...

  • 5 ways ChatGPT could shape enterprise search in 2023

    Intelligent enterprise search has become smarter and more powerful, and is more strategic to enterprise than ever.