The Technology From the Past You Miss the Most

    Last month, Netflix announced that it will mail out its last DVDs in September 2023. In light of this, listeners call in to share what past forms of technology -- DVDs, cassettes, or even rotary telephones -- they miss the most.

  • Skilled Workforce: Erie Institute of Technology

    Everywhere you look, local manufacturers have good-paying jobs available. Supplying the skilled workforce for local companies is the mission of area trade schools. Tucked in the parking lot of the Millcreek Mall is the Erie Institute of Technology (EIT). The local trade school is training hundreds of students to be electricians, HVAC technicians, welders, CNC []

  • What is MagSafe Apple's wireless charging technology?

      Apple first introduced its MagSafe charging on its Intel MacBook computers but has since adapted the technology and now includes it on its latest MacBook laptops once again and of course across its iPhone range of devices. Providing an easy-to-use wireless charging system together with a wider variety of different accessories such as wallets, […]

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    Vertical Farming: How Technology Is Changing the Future of Agriculture

    Plenty's vertical farm uses a fraction of the land and water required by horizontal farming.

  • Understanding HDR : High Dynamic Range technology

    High Dynamic Range, commonly known as HDR, is a term that’s often thrown around in the worlds of television, photography, and smartphones. But what does it actually mean? This article aims to demystify HDR technology, explaining what it is, how it works, and the global standards that govern it. Quick Links: Different HDR formats The […]

  • Korea bets on potential of advanced display technologies

    The South Korean government is seeking to designate cutting-edge display technologies as “key strategic technologies” to garner aggressive support such as hefty tax cuts and deregulations. “Displays will be designated as a national advanced strategic technology to encourage private investments, ensuring a stable supply network while supporting policy financing, research and development, and training,” Finance Minister Choo Kyung-ho said at a governmental meeting held in c

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    Predicting migration: the opaque science behind AI technologies

    European states and international organisations have developed technologies to detect migration patterns and predict the number of people from third countries seeking asylum in the EU. But doubts have been raised about the effectiveness and desirability of using predictive technologies.

  • Intel Makes Technology More Accessible for People with Hearing Loss

    Several projects aim to increase access to assistive devices and improve their integration with other technologies.

  • ChatGPT and Generative AI: Our Guide to 2023's Most Talked-About Technology

    ChatGPT brought generative AI into the limelight when it hit 1 million users in five days. But how valid is the buzz around ChatGPT?

  • Harnessing the power of digital technology toward self-improvement

    Digital technology is a great equalizer as it can enable an individual to move up the socioeconomic ladder. This was the case of Michico “Chico” Oranga, the president and founder of web design company Citrus Fresh Solutions, and the digital media agency Lime Digital Asia. Among its clients are Krispy

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    How imaging technology is recovering damaged texts and rewriting history

    Using spectral imaging, Gregory Heyworth can bring new life to old manuscripts. He is able to decipher texts that haven't been read in hundreds of years, and in the process, change history.

  • Toilet with a trap: Unique toilet technology introduced to Filipinos

    An award-winning social business is keen on improving Filipinos’ lives through its innovative sanitation and hygiene solutions. SATO officially launched in the Philippines on Wednesday, May 17. It introduced its product line to decision-makers, business leaders, and potential partners in the country in an event held at Okada Manila. SATO is a social business under the LIXIL […]