• Oumuamua: Asteroid that flew past Earth could have been a spacecraft sailing past us, Harvard scientists suggest

    Mysterious object might be 'a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization'

  • Remembrance of Recipes Past

    Thanksgiving is the one time of year when family bonds matter more than the food.

  • "The Time For Talking Is Past..."

    Authored by Doug “Uncola” Lynn via The Toll Online blog,

  • Live at Paste Studio

    Fronted by lead vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Bloomgarden, Death Valley Girls' sinister, fuzzy punk rock is more than just an homage to the underground rock greats—they're vehement, sassy, fed up and on the search for meaning in a world gone mad. On Thursday, Nov. 1, the band stopped by the Paste Studio to promote their third studio album, Darkness Rains, out now via Suicide Squeeze Records. They performed three tracks from the record—"Street Justice," "Disaster (Is What We're After)" and "Wear...

  • Live at Paste Studio

    In June of this year, Fantastic Negrito, the winner of NPR's first ever Tiny Desk concert in 2015 who churns out a fantastic hybrid of folk-rock and funk, released his sophomore LP, Please Don't Be Dead, followed by a deluxe issue in October. Backed by his band, he dropped in the Paste Studio on Aug. 27 for a round of tunes. They played three songs from the new record: "Plastic Hamburgers," "The Duffler" and "Dark Windows."

  • Live at Paste Studio

    Australian singer-songwriter Hatchie released her debut EP, Sugar & Spice, in May, and she's been kicking up quite the shimmery storm ever since. Earlier this fall, she wrapped up a sold-out string of tour dates with Alvvays and Snail Mail (what you might call an indie fan's dream lineup). Before supporting that bill at a trio of shows in Brooklyn, N.Y., Hatchie carved out time to play a set in the Paste Studio, and her starry session is guaranteed to make your day brighter.

  • Daredevil Recap: Out of the Past

    Here is where we finally talk about Born Again. I’ve intentionally avoided talking about any comic-book source material thus far — I generally prefer to talk about the show for what it is, and not compare it against whatever it may be adapted from. But, more than any season before

  • Live at Paste Studio

    Memphis-bred southern rock band Lucero swung by the Paste studio on Oct.12 to play some tracks from their new record, Among the Ghosts, which was released in August. Among the Ghosts is the band's first album since 2015's All A Man Should Do, and it's full of the sludgy, greasy country-rock Lucero are known for. However, the band's Paste studio set was a stripped-down one. Swapping electric guitar and keys for an acoustic guitar and an accordion, Lucero's Ben Nichols and Rick Steff delivered...

  • Live at Paste Studio

    Last Friday, South Carolina-born and Seattle-based singer/songwriter Austin Crane released his latest album under the name Valley Maker. Rhododendron is Crane's debut for Frenchkiss Records. On album release day, Crane came into the Paste Studio with his band to perform three tracks from his new record: "Seven Signs," "A Couple Days" and "Beautiful Birds Flying." His crackling, rich vocals tell a story on their own, but his lyrics open up a clown car of cosmic folk tales infused with warm...

  • When should I take past internships off my resume?

    Internships completed five years ago or less should probably remain on your resume.

  • Recalling Past Recounts In Florida

    Steve Inskeep speaks with Paul Lux, the supervisor of elections in Okaloosa County, Fla., about the recount in the state and how the process will work.

  • Pushing Past The Breaking Point

    Authored by EconomicPrism's MN Gordon, annotated by Acting-Man's Pater Tenebrarum,