• Live at Paste Studio

    Ra Ra Riot emerged in the great indie rush of the late 2000s alongside other pop-leaning rockers like Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit and Local Natives. They have close ties to Vampire Weekend, in particular: Ra Ra Riot's 2015 earworm "Water," from 2016's Need Your Light , is a collaboration with former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij. The band also recently released a new single, "This Time of Year," which is the first from an album due out sometime next year. Ra Ra Riot stopped by the...

  • Live at Paste Studio

    Nashville-based pop duo Frances Cone are preparing to release their sophomore LP, Late Riser , on Jan. 18. Almost three years ago, they made their first appearance in the Paste Studio, where they performed a demo version of the title track from that album, which actually just premiered in early January. It seems this new record is a longtime coming: the band's debut, Come Back , arrived in 2013. They returned to the studio in December 2018 to play a new crop of tunes from the forthcoming album:...

  • Live at Paste Studio

    Electronic dance duo Gato Preto are based in Düsseldorf, Germany, but they incorporate sounds from all over the world in their jubilant, upbeat productions. Their music, and aesthetic, seem perfectly in tune with the moment: their African rhythms and Afro-futurist adornments would have fit right in on the Black Panther set. Gata Misteriosa and Lee Bass stopped by the Paste Studio in early January and treated the internet to their club-ready grooves.

  • The rundown on past shutdowns

    This is the 21st government shutdown, with the longest lasting 21 days back in 1995. Guest host Joshua Johnson looks at whether some of those past shutdowns can help us get out of the current one.

  • but they've proven their will in the past

    There’s not enough cash to make a Bryce Harper-Royals marriage happen. But their run at World Series glory shows the will exists in Kansas City.

  • Sexism, racism… how should we judge the past?

    Philosopher and BBC journalist David Edmonds asks whether it is fair to apply modern standards of morality to bad, even shocking, behaviour in the past.

  • Money: How Its Past Predicts Its Future

    Authored by Claudio Grass via The Mises Institute,

  • A brief look at past government shutdowns

    The current government shutdown is on track to outlast all previous government shutdowns if it extends into Saturday. And with both sides still seemingly unwilling to budge on their stances regarding funding for a border wall -- the chances of it rolling into Saturday and its 22nd day seem likely.

  • but don’t forget the past or future

    Otherwise you could end up like Donald Trump

  • Kevin Hart apologizes over past comments

    Comedian Kevin Hart apologized Monday for hurtful comments he made.

  • Kevin Hart apologizes over past comments

    Comedian Kevin Hart apologized Monday for comments he made.

  • What We Can Learn From Past Government Shutdowns

    It's Day 18 of the partial government shutdown, and it's now the third-longest on record. In the 90s, it took President Clinton and House Speaker Gingrich a record 21 days to settle an impasse.