• Jezebel Goes 'Down Underneath'

    At the end of 2018, Jezebel sent Gizmodo Media Group Executive Managing Editor Alex Dickinson to Australia in order to expand our international coverage. He will be writing about Australia’s role in the world, politics, and feminism, and also working on partnerships and events.

  • Introducing the Jezebel Cunt Infinity Shirt

    “Cunt” is not generally meant as a compliment when lobbed towards us in our inboxes and mentions, but it’s the dis that’s always the funniest to have provoked. In the U.S., at least, “cunt” as a pejorative is reserved for the prickliest of people, those whose mere existences are the most disagreeably putrid and vile. But of course, it also refers to so much more that eclipses the derogatory intent of all your haters: The rebellion within, the ability to provoke, the toothiness of your vagina...

  • The 50 Most Read Jezebel Posts of 2018

    We published many blogs this dreadful year, and you read a bunch of them. Here are the ones you read the most.