• Government Issue RFP For Morgan's Point

    The Government has issued a Request for Proposals [RFP] for “architectural design and support services in providing planning, design and other support services for the Morgan’s Point development project.” The document [PDF] said, “The purpose of this Request for Proposals [RFP] is an invitation by Morgan’s Point Development Company Limited [MPDC] to prospective proponents to […]

  • California’s government should stay out of the news

    Local news is valuable, but the state of California should not force Big Tech platforms to pay for it.

  • Wiretap scandal rocks Colombia's government

    Colombia’s government was rocked by revelations of illegal wiretapping by police intelligence. The illegal wiretapping was revealed by Prosecutor General Francisco Barbosa, who has been investigating the alleged abuse of…

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    When the government has to play catch-up in the bond market

    Once Congress finalizes a debt limit deal, we’re in the clear, right? Well, the Treasury Department will have to raise roughly $1 trillion in the next three to six months by selling bonds to replenish its accounts and pay for the “extraordinary measures” it’s been taking. So what’s that mean for the economy? Also, a potential end to the “great resignation” and a conversation about tipping robots.

  • Doug Casey On The Bankruptcy Of The US Government

    Doug Casey On The Bankruptcy Of The US Government Authored by Doug Casey via InternationalMan.com, Everyone knows that the US government is bankrupt and has been for many years. Whenever the chattering classes talk about cuts, it’s only about cuts over the course of 10 years. Which is a dodge, a fraud. Partly because most of the supposed cuts will be scheduled for the end of the period, but also because new programs, new emergencies and hidden contingencies are guaranteed to...

  • Can government stop smuggling in PHL?

    The smuggling of agricultural goods is a scourge that the Philippines can't seem to eliminate, despite efforts of policymakers to put in place laws aimed at punishing offenders. This illegal activity continues to plague the local agricultural sector and has been cited as one of the major factors behind the

  • Music streaming royalties to be discussed by government

    It will look into claims of unfairness amid reports labels receive the lion's share of royalties.

  • 'Debt default' and 'government spending' are misdirection

    Biden, Schumer, Yellen, and Brainard, luminaries in the leftist galaxy, spread fear of default. They focus solely on Treasury obligation default. Were they honest, these federal bureaucrats should also discuss default on exorbit

  • Vaping: Government plans under-age crackdown

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is "deeply concerned" by the rising number of under-18s using vapes.

  • Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The difference between governance and posturing

    Greg Sargent/Washington Post: Biden has a theory of MAGA that just might be working There is a tension in Biden’s approach to the GOP. His initial rationale for running was that the GOP is largely hostage to an extremism that foundationally threatens the American experiment. His reelection case is that he has begun to defuse that threat and another term will complete that task. Yet Biden also plainly believes that conducting the nation’s business on a bipartisan basis is inherently...

  • Super app helps prevent corruption in government

    A super app is an application that provides end users—customers, employees, or constituents—with a set of core features that allow them access to independently created online services. For governments that are building services on the Internet, a super app is like a Swiss army knife that offers a range of component tools that the citizens can use to transact business with government agencies.

  • ‘Local control’ is a fancy term for big government

    “Local control” is not their principle, but NIMBYism is.