• Fox News host claims she was asked to leave a restaurant after praying over food

    Fox News and Fox Business have a long history of promoting outrage over fake "problems" — most notably, the nonexistent War on Christmas. And Fox News' Harris Faulkner was clearly going for maximum outrage when she claimed that people of faith are being persecuted for saying grace in restaurants.Guest-hosting "Fox News Tonight" on Monday, June 5, Faulkner (who hosts "The Faulkner Focus" during the day) told viewers, "For those of us who believe, we must be bold in our faith right now. When you...

  • Trump's latest tirade accuses Fox News of 'pushing Ron DeSanctus'

    Donald Trump on Friday unleashed an all-caps Truth Social post aimed directly at Fox News, the conservative network the former president accuses of "pushing Ron DeSanctus" over him.Trump, who is known for posting rants on his own social media platform when receiving bad news, began by saying Fox should "embrace MAGA.""FOX SHOULD EMBRACE MAGA. THEIR PRIMETIME VIEWERSHIP IS DOWN 37% FROM JUST A YEAR AGO, ALL BECAUSE THE VERY SMART, EVEN BRILLIANT, MAGADONIANS KNOW THAT, DESPITE ALL THE FAKE LIP...

  • Donald Trump on FOX News tonight (Thursday) for a televised town hall

    In the second broadcast town hall since he declared his candidacy last November, former President Donald Trump will be on FOX News for an hour tonight (June 1). The broadcast, taped before a live audience earlier in the day in Clive, Iowa, will compr

  • Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean on MS battle: ‘I am still hopeful’

    She shared a special, touching message about multiple sclerosis on World MS Day.

  • Fox News Implements Shocking Word Ban for Employees, On-Air Hosts

    (Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A prominent journalist has brought attention to an alarming development at Fox News, revealing that the network has prohibited its journalists and on-air hosts from mentioning the name of the recently ousted host Tucker Carlson. Chadwick Moore, known for his biography of Carlson, took to Twitter on Sunday to drop a bombshell, […]

  • Fox News Says Tucker Carlson In Breach Of Contract After Launching Twitter Show

    Fox News Says Tucker Carlson In Breach Of Contract After Launching Twitter Show Fox News on Wednesday told attorneys for Tucker Carlson that the former host violated his contract with the network after he launched his own show on Twitter, according to Axios, which obtained a copy of the letter. After removing Tucker from his prime-time slot and parting way, Fox continued to hold Tucker's contract over his head - which stipulates that he isn't allowed to appear on another network...

  • Tucker Carlson lawyer hits back at Fox News claim of contract breach

    Carlson attorney Bryan Freeman accuses network of attacking first amendment rights amid dispute over post-firing settlement Responding to Fox News’s contention that Tucker Carlson was in breach of contract when he debuted his Twitter show this week, a lawyer for the fired hard-right host accused the network of attacking his client’s first amendment rights.“Fox defends its very existence on freedom of speech grounds,” said attorney Bryan Freedman in response to reports, first by Axios, about a...

  • FOX News attempts to stop Tucker Carlson from continuing his new Twitter program

    The looming legal battle and the success of Carlson’s online show may portend larger ramifications for the future of cable news and cable television itself

  • Fox News tells Tucker Carlson he violated his contract with new Twitter show

    In a statement, Carlson’s lawyer insisted that any legal action by his client’s former employer would infringe on his First Amendment rights.

  • Smoke Is Fine, Longtime Tobacco and Coal Shill Assures Fox News Viewers

    Is smoke okay or is it bad and also Canada’s fault? Those are a few of the weighty ideas Fox News has wrestled with over the last week in attempting to craft a response to the United States’ worst-ever day of wildfire pollution.Wednesday night, Fox News host Laura Ingraham invited general-purpose reactionary Steve Milloy, whose career includes stints shilling for the tobacco and coal industry, to weigh in. “Look, the air is ugly, it’s unpleasant to breathe and for a lot of people they get...

  • Fox News tells Tucker Carlson he violated his contract with new Twitter show

    Fox News on Wednesday told Tucker Carlson’s lawyers that the former star anchor breached his contract with the conservative network when he released the first episode of a new show on Twitter this week, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. Carlson, a firebrand right-wing media personality known for his conspiratorial rhetoric, parted ways with Fox News in late April, days after the network agreed to pay nearly $800 million to Dominion Voting Systems to avert a...

  • Fox News Accuses Tucker Carlson of Breach of Contract After He Launches Twitter Show

    I'm not sure the juice is worth the squeeze for Fox News here.