• Elizabeth Warren, unbound

    The long-restrained Democratic hopeful came to Vegas itching for a fight — and did not disappoint.

  • Is Elizabeth Warren Being Erased?

    A new narrative to explain for the decline of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is emerging after her disappointing results in New Hampshire, where she finished in fourth. Warren, according to her campaign and supporters, is being erased by mainstream media outlets and cable news, the same outlets that last summer and fall covered her glowingly as she rose in the polls and released plan after ambitious plan. Instead of the coverage that Warren’s camp would rather receive, what we’re getting from the...

  • What happened to Elizabeth Warren?

    MANCHESTER, New Hampshire -- For a brief moment, concerned looks crossed the faces of some Elizabeth Warren supporters gathered for her election-night event in a cavernous building near the Manchester airport. There were no TVs visible to most of the crowd -- a common feature for a struggling campaign that doesn't want the audience to see bad news. There was no warm-up speaker. At 8:20 p.m., facing a fourth-place finish in New Hampshire after a third-place showing a week ago in Iowa, Warren...

  • What the Heck Is Elizabeth Warren Doing?

    There can't actually be a strategy here.

  • Elizabeth Warren Should Have Been a Fighter All Along

    Elizabeth Warren Should Have Been a Fighter All Along

  • Elizabeth Warren the Fighter Is Back

    Elizabeth Warren has always described herself as a “fighter,” someone unafraid to take on corporate interests and even members of her own party to demand what she believes is right. Her pugnacious willingness to methodically shred CEOs and Wall Street Executives, after all, is what, in the late 2000s, built her base of supporters and made her a phenom—even before she entered the Senate. Which is why her campaign over the past few months has been so curiously out of line with the Elizabeth Warren...

  • Elizabeth Warren Is Here To Be Queen of the Ashes

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) is a fan of Game of Thrones' heroine-turned-villain Daenerys Targaryen, and the presidential candidate did her best impression of the Dragon Queen during Wednesday night's Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas.

  • Elizabeth Warren is fading fast

    After placing third in the Iowa caucuses and landing an abysmal fourth in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren has lost any pretensions to leading the presidential race. In fact, she may be preparing to drop out.

  • Elizabeth Warren already has a dog

    Senator Warren doesn't need Mike Pence, she has a dog. Read the rest

  • Elizabeth Warren Slanders AIPAC

    Imagine if, at a Q & A with Donald Trump, someone got up and said, "As an American Jew I am terrified at the unholy alliance the ADL is forming with racist black activists, open borders extremists, Socialists and Communists, and no Republican should legitimize that type of anti-American globalist bigotry, and I'm wondering whether you will commit to boycotting it?" And Trump in response nodded agreeably and said yes. Now watch this clip with Elizabeth Warren regarding AIPAC, which involves...

  • How Elizabeth Warren killed her chances

    The onetime front-runner chose ‘woke’ hostility instead of persuasion, and voters hate it.