• Climate change is transforming Australia's cultural life—so why isn't it mentioned in the new national cultural policy?

    In its new national cultural policy, the Australian government grapples with issues extending well beyond the creative arts.

  • 'The culture = the company signed a 10-year lease': Workers mock office that made them return for the ‘culture’

    Two workers went viral on TikTok after calling out their employer for making them return to the office for “the culture.” The workers, Phyl and Daw (@yousillyhp), are two “mid 20 year olds” with a joint TikTok account. They posted the video mockingly highlighting pieces of the “culture” they were brought back to the office for on Jan. 20. As of Jan. 25, the video received over 676,000 views. “We’re returning to the office for the culture,” they wrote in the video’s on-screen text. The...

  • Western Culture Wars

    When I observe Europe and the US, I don't see cohesive, patriotic and vibrant societies marching into a multicultural utopia, but near civil wars based on ethnicity, colour and cultural divides. The European Union slogan of "Diversity is our strength" is in fact a weakness and creates easily exploitable divisions. Moreover, every country and civilization in history collapsed when a competing culture became dominant. Even Germany's Merkel, a leading proponent of the open borders multicultural...

  • Behold: The new GOP culture wars

    Republicans are resorting to their age-old tactic of manufactured moral outrage to distract from the fact that they have no economic agenda other than to enrich the already wealthy. It would be laughable if their culture wars didn’t have a deadly impact on people’s lives. From attacks on the right to an abortion, to the right to be transgender, to the right to study accurate history, conservative attacks on vulnerable populations have reached a fever pitch. And it’s destroying the nation.This...

  • Here's Why You Need to Move Away From Hustle Culture

    The social norm of hustle culture is a scam. The only way to ensure continued success is to take great care of yourself, prioritize your health, recharge your relationships and keep your body and mind fresh and energized.

  • Black History and Culture Sites in NYC

    New York City is one of the nation’s oldest and most prominent destinations for Black history and culture. Across the five boroughs, African American landmarks honor the stories of a people whose contributions to the five boroughs date back hundreds of years.

  • How tech can move away from ‘swindle culture’

    To stop swindle culture, we need to encourage good, honest, sincere founders who set an example for everyone else.

  • CBCP head: ‘Cancel culture’ is contrary to synodality

    The head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines issued a warning against so-called “cancel culture” during his address to the CBCP three-day plenary assembly that started on January 28. Speaking on the first day of the assembly, Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, CBCP president, said cancel culture has become

  • Preserving Ifugao’s culture, tradition through agrobiodiversity

    Meet Milagros Dulnuan, president of the Fruitful Farmers’ Association in Ifugao province in the Cordilleras. Wearing the traditional Ifugao women’s clothes of blouse and tapis (wrap-around skirt), Milagros was arranging the various agricultural products and byproducts showcasing the Agrobiodiversity Project outside a crowded conference hall at a hotel in Taguig City.

  • WATCH: 2022 Essence Festival Of Culture Recap

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  • Editorial: Pritzker confronts DeSantis’ culture war

    Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is pushing back against Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis’ culture war. We can’t change the past but this battle is for the future.

  • How to cultivate a culture of wellness on internal social channels

    Stacie Barrett of Dominos shares how internal social channels can help provide avenues for workplace wellness. When considering platforms to socialize wellness at work, your internal social media channels and intranet may be underutilized topics at your organization and might only sometimes be top of mind. But thanks to expert minds like Stacie Barrett, director […]