• antimusic.com: Celebrity Warship Culture

    Celebrity Warship Culture describes its musical style as "noise-positive," comparing itself to acts like Sonic Youth and Nirvana. The band's name is a play on combining military obsession and celebrity worship, while the album title,

  • SZ column: What are you reading, Steffen Mau? – Culture

    Steffen Mau, born in Rostock in 1968, is Professor of Macrosociology at the Humboldt University in Berlin. In “Lütten Klein. Life in the East German Transformation Society” (2019) he describes, among other things, how he experienced the night from November 9th to 10th, 1989 as a young soldier in the National People’s Army. His most recent book, “Sorting Machines. The Reinvention of the Border in the 21st Century” (2021) was nominated for the German Non-Fiction Prize. SZ: What are you reading...

  • Showered in sexism: Hockey culture needs a reckoning

    Research about men's ice hockey has consistently revealed that the culture is saturated in sexism, misogyny, homophobia and hypermasculinity

  • Munich: Exhibition on the architecture of the 1972 Olympics – culture

    An exhibition shows how daring, courageous and groundbreakingly modern the plans for the Olympic Park for the 1972 games were Of Laura Weissmuller The future has landed In bright yellow or bright white space capsules, with cheerful porthole windows and rounded doors It is easy to transport and stackable: because what would the future be if it were not practical and infinite, open to everyone on this planet? source site

  • The Artist and Margaritas: 15 art and cultural events not to be missed

    “Pupils dilate in the dark”; “And Other Stories” // Artport Two solo exhibitions – for artist Maayan Shachar and artist Nitai Halop (curator: Naama Hanman). Shahar embarks on a re-examination of her familiar reality, through the use of images based on past brain scans, as part of an experiment in the use of substances from [ ]

  • Otis Redding Foundation recognized as 'Southern Cultural Treasure'

    MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Otis Redding Foundation is now recognized as a “Southern Cultural Treasure.” South Arts, a non-profit regional arts organization, made the announcement this week. The foundation is one of 17 recipients across the southeast. The Otis Redding Foundation will receive $300,000 in grant funding as part of South Arts’ mission to support “Black, Indigenous, and People

  • Blizzard boss navigates controversy, changing gaming culture

    Mike Ybarra is a man chosen to lead in a historic moment His Blizzard Entertainment has been singled out as a symbol of the male-dominated gaming community’s worst impulses, specifically those that include boorish, frat-boy-like traits Alleged inequities and harassment at the company were the centerpiece of an ongoing 2021 lawsuit filed by the state

  • Marian Offman’s novel “Almond Tree” – Culture

    Sometimes the father took his little son to visit friends: “In his friends’ small apartment someone was playing the violin and almost all the men and women had tears in their eyes or were crying openly ( ) They spoke Yiddish and called me Jingle , hugged me and tenderly ran my hair through them Some sang to the melody of the violin, softly and slowly Suddenly a young woman began to scream loudly Then a trembling sob, she kept calling the same name and collapsed My father led me quickly to...

  • Iran, China diplomats stress enhancing media, cultural coop.

    TEHRAN, Jul. 07 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani and Chinese Ambassador to Iran Chang Hua held a meeting to discuss bilateral cooperation in the field of media, culture and public diplomacy.

  • Isaak/Lovett at Red Rocks: The Culture Wars Get the Night Off

    Chris Isaak and Lyle Lovett couldn't be more different at first glance. Isaak channels rockabilly beats and '50s falsettos, capped by his penchant for spangles. Lovett may dress like he's going to work at an accounting firm, but his creak-stained voice isn't meant to be pretty. Together, they poured their hearts into a twin-bill concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colo. July 5. What unites the disparate pair? An unabashed love for one of the country's most elegant venues and a night...

  • “Love things” in the cinema: A driver’s license for sex – culture

    A “sex driving license” so, the idea is well received by the public The woman on stage imagines it with a theoretical and practical test, something like this: The man is just undoing his pants – bang, first a few questions: “Where are my erogenous zones? Where is the G-spot? And how how long does a woman’s menstrual cycle last? Hm?” The SZ editors have enriched this article with content from YouTube To protect your privacy, it has not been loaded without your permission Load content now I...