• Could You Merge an Aircraft Carrier and a Submarine? Meet the Sub-Carrier

    Sub-Carrier: An idea whose time has come? The idea of taking the classic aircraft carrier and submarine and doing new and unique things with them has been floated for many years now. So why not take the idea of somehow merging an aircraft carrier and submarine into one unit in some way? Aircraft carriers are […]

  • China launches 22 aircraft into Taiwan airspace after deploying aircraft carrier & firing 11 missiles in invasion drills

    CHINA sent 22 warplanes hurtling into Taiwan’s airspace as the giant nation continues to flex its military muscles in a message to the US. Communist forces sent the fighter jets hurtling acro

  • As Nancy Pelosi's USAF aircraft was escorted by fighter jets to Taipei, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is operating in the vicinity of Taiwan

    Pelosi and her US Air Force jet that took off from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur was escorted into Taiwan by Taiwan Air Force fighter jets. Pelosi’s “SPAR19,” a US Air Force-operated Boeing C-40C was escorted into Taiwan by Taiwan Air Force fighter jets. More than 20 Chinese military planes flew into Taiwan’s air defence zone…

  • How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Toilet on a Aircraft Carrier?

    Nature calls everywhere – even on board an aircraft carrier. There’s even a slang phrase for it in the Navy, where a response to nature is called a “head call.” Indeed, a bathroom on a ship is called the “head.” So, what if I told you it costs $400,000 to fix a toilet clogged in […]

  • These Were the 5 Best Aircraft Carriers of World War II

    5 Best Aircraft Carriers of World War II – As the clouds of war appeared on the horizon in the 1930s, military planners around the world still put their faith in the power of the battleship. Germany’s naval rearmament efforts included the building of two powerful battleships, while plans to launch a carrier were sidelined. […]

  • Hardly Seaworthy: The 5 Worst Aircraft Carriers of All-Time

    Whenever you write up any sort of 5 Best or 5 Worst list, you’re bound to ruffle some proverbial feathers. Deciding what to put on the list becomes even more complicated when you’re talking about a highly complex, multi-crew weapons system like, in this instance, history’s five worst aircraft carriers, as opposed to comparatively simple individually-operated weapons […]

  • The Navy's Plan for a Flying Aircraft Carrier Was Destined to Fail

    Flying Aircraft Carrier Concept Failure – The mighty aircraft carrier still rules the world’s oceans as the top warship that to many seem completely unkillable. But what if the idea of an aircraft carrier could be taken to the next level, somehow making these weapons of war fly high into the sky and creating an […]

  • Chinese complex DF-17 – “aircraft carrier killer”

    People’s Liberation Chinese army deployed the world’s first operational hypersonic anti-ship system DF-17. Experts have already called it the “aircraft carrier killer,” according to the American edition. military watch. The US Navy “moved” its aircraft carrier group closer to China ahead of a sensational visit Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. The PLA responded by deploying the …

  • The U.S. Planned to Sink Their Own Aircraft Carrier and Failed

    Countless military experts worldwide have howled for decades that the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers are a waste of billions of dollars. The reason is simple: Chinese and Russian missiles could sink them. However, back in 2005, the U.S. Navy tried to sink an old carrier and failed epically: At 11:30 am on May 14, 2005, […]

  • First woman to command aircraft carrier recounts milestone deployment

    As the USS Abraham Lincoln sailed into San Diego Thursday, Aug. 11, with two destroyers in tow and some 6,000 sailors and Marines aboard, it marked the completion of a U.S. military first: Navy Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt has now completed her first mission as the first woman to command a U.S. aircraft carrier. The nuclear-powered …

  • When the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise Nearly Sank After Hitting a Rock

    You’ve heard of carrier-killing anti-ship missiles from China that are a major threat to U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, but sometimes the floating airports are menaced by geographic features close to shore. In 1985, the nuclear USS Enterprise nearly sank after crashing into a shallow seamount. The collision caused a 60-foot gash that damaged three propellors […]

  • China ‘rehearsing sinking US aircraft carriers with hypersonic missiles'

    'Sinking American warships' (Top headline, 3rd story, link) Related stories:White House summons Chinese ambassador as crisis escalatesSimulating Attack on IslandTells USA: Can't 'treat countries like George Floyd'Xi Builds Security FortressDoes Beijing Have Own Space Plane?Pentagon chiefs calls go unansweredTop Taiwan Missile Official Found Dead in Hotel RoomFears Japan on front lineUN chief warns in HiroshimaAPPLE Bends Knee on Label DemandsPelosi Gambit Reshapes...