Yandex claims 2 million self-driving car miles, double in 4 months

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— Yandex's autonomous cars have driven 2 million miles to date, double the figure reported in October and 4 times the number announced in August.

Mail Online—Self-driving Nissan Leaf electric car navigated itself 230 miles on UK roads. The epic landmark drive took the car from the brand's engineering centre at Cranfield in Bedfordshire, near Milton Keynes, to the Nissan factory in Sunderland where the car is built.

Mashable—Uber's self-driving cars return home. A familiar name is back on the approved list for testing autonomous cars in California.  The California Department of Motor Vehicles added Uber Advanced Technologies Group Wednesday morning as the latest company allowed to test self-driving vehicles on public roads with a driver behind the wheel. But just because Uber is permitted to test in its home state, that doesn't mean it's jumping back into the fray. The company let its CA permit expire at the end of March 2018, just weeks after one of...

ExtremeTech—The Future of Sensors for Self-Driving Cars: All Roads, All Conditions. Robotic hands on steering wheel while driving autonomous car. 3D illustration. Analysts disagree about how close we are to driverless cars, but everyone agrees we need better and less-expensive sensors. We assembled a panel of industry experts at Electronic Imaging 2020 to discuss sensor technologies and their future. The post The Future of Sensors for Self-Driving Cars: All Roads, All Conditions appeared first on ExtremeTech.