Verizon, Rogers, and Vodafone form global 5G interoperability group

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— Six top cellular carriers are working together on internationally compatible 5G hardware and application standards in a new group, the 5G Future Forum.

Mobile World Live—Rogers begins 5G march. Rogers Communications kicked off a multi-year 5G rollout, pressing ahead with network deployments in four—OnePlus 8 5G to be sold by Verizon. OnePlus' next carrier partner in the US is going to be Verizon, according to a new rumor purportedly originating at a "source familiar with the companies' plans". So far, OnePlus has only partnered with T-Mobile in the States. That gave consumers an alternative to buying unlocked straight from the Chinese company's website. The OnePlus 8 is the phone that Verizon will sell, with 5G on board. This likely means that it will pack support for the carrier's fast but small mmWave network. It's...

ZDNet—A path forward for global 5G Wireless. Whenever technologists and engineers come together to form an alliance, heads of state and diplomats have been known to crash the party. But if they spend all next year arguing with each other, these engineers could wrap up plans for 5G while no one else is looking.