Verbit raises $31 million for human-in-the-loop AI transcription tech

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— Verbit, which employs a combination of AI and human reviewers to transcribe audio and video files, has raised $31 million in venture capital.

VentureBeat—KeyMe raises $35 million to duplicate keys with AI. KeyMe, which uses physical kiosks and AI to duplicate keys more cheaply and efficiently than most locksmiths, has raised $35 million.

VentureBeat—Scoutbee raises $60 million to expedite supplier discovery with AI. Scoutbee, which operates an AI-driven supplier discovery platform, has raised $60 million in venture capital.

VentureBeat—Corvus raises $32 million to inject AI into insurance products. Corvus, a Boston-based insurance tech company leveraging data science to assess risk and offer policies, has raised $32 million.