The Startup That Aims To Accelerate Serverless Computing

by Forbes

Forbes— With the fragmentation and complexity revolving around serverless computing, companies such as Serverless Inc., have a massive opportunity in building tools that aim to make developers productive in building modern applications.—NY startup aims to take on Tesla's Powerwall. Italian entrepreneurs who migrated to Stony Brook University's energy incubator to form an innovative-battery startup are planning to take on the Powerwall of Elon Musk's Tesla Inc.

TechSpot—IBM aims to double quantum computing speed yearly. Quantum Volume is a metric that takes into account gate and measurement errors and circuit software compiler efficiency plus device cross talk and connectivity. It’s this metric that IBM is using to chart a path forward towards its goal of achieving what it calls Quantum Advantage in the 2020s.

ExtremeTech—New Compute Express Link Boosts Accelerator, CPU Bandwidth. Intel and a group of additional technology companies have announced a new common interconnect standard, CXL. The new standard should be ready to debut in hardware by 2021. The post New Compute Express Link Boosts Accelerator, CPU Bandwidth appeared first on ExtremeTech.