Tesla's success proves that what America needs is business, business, and more business (TSLA)

by Business Insider

Business Insider— Tesla has endured many ups and downs in the past decade, but with the stock price hitting all-time highs and the company setting sales records, the carmaker is on a serious tear. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk a living proof that great businesses arise from an appetite for risk. America is supposed to be a business-mad national, but for 10 years the country has discouraged more than encouraged new businesses to get started. Tesla shows that business, business, and more business is the way forward for a...

Washington Post—Trump’s insistence on proving his toughness is in open conflict with America’s actual strength. His threats against Iran are only the most recent example.

www.nydailynews.com—Judge Judy, who’s all-in on Mike Bloomberg’s presidential bid, says America needs ‘tweaking’ not revolution. Judge Judy has ruled Mike Bloomberg is her man. The 76-year-old court-drama TV star, who filmed an ad endorsing Bloomberg, told CBS News in an interview published Saturday that the ex-mayor is the “only person” who can stand “toe-to-toe” with President Trump. “I don’t think we need a revolution

Washington Post—Trump proved himself to be America’s biggest security risk. Trump's posturing with Iran has freaked out the American people.