Samsung Galaxy S22 colors: every rumored shade including S22 Plus and S22 Ultra

by TechRadar

TechRadar— We have a good idea of all the shades to expect the Samsung Galaxy S22 range in. Here's what we've heard so far.—Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is shown in more leaked renders, here it is in four colors. Samsung is getting ready to unveil its next-generation flagship smartphone family, the S22, and the S22 Ultra will be the top dog in this line. It will be the first S/Note hybrid, with its support for a built-in stylus, and its boxy style that's very similar to the Galaxy Note20 Ultra from 2020, the last Note ever made. Today a prolific tipster has leaked a new set of official-looking (if low-resolution) renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which show it in four different colors. It's nice to see...

CNET—Galaxy S22 Ultra rumors: What to expect from Samsung's next high-end phone. The Galaxy S22 Ultra could be Samsung's successor to the Galaxy Note.

TechRadar—Samsung Galaxy S22 leak shows the phone from every angle, and in lots of colors. What color Samsung Galaxy S22 are you hoping for? We may now have more details for each of the handsets.