ProBeat: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip might be for you

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— The target audience for Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is an influencer, a business executive, or anyone who needs to make decisions about foldable phones.

Mashable—Hands-on with Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip: This time it might work. I've only had it in my hands for a few minutes, but I already like Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip way more than the company's last attempt at a foldable phone.  While last year's Galaxy Fold was essentially a small tablet disguised as a phone, the Z Flip looks and feels very much like a phone.  It has a clamshell design — like an old-school flip phone — but also manages to look sleek and modern. And, at $1,380, it's a little more approachable compared to the nearly $2,000 Fold.  The Z Flip is available...

Mashable—Here's why Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip might not be a disaster like the Fold. We're hoping history doesn't repeat itself with the Z Flip. Read more

Mashable—5 reasons why Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip might not be a disaster like the Fold. We forgive you Samsung, but we haven't forgotten.