Netflix is raising its prices in the US

by— Netflix remains the dominant force in video streaming, particularly in the US, even with increasing pressure from competitors like Disney Plus and HBO Max. The ongoing pandemic has understandably ramped-up multimedia consumption on average, which could partially explain the price increase Netflix is putting in place. Starting today new US subscribers will have to pay $9.99 for a basic plan (up from $8.99), $15.49 for an HD one (up from $13.99) and the top-tier 4K plan now costs $19.99 (up...

AppleInsider—Netflix raising prices on all plans in the US and Canada. Netflix is going to get more expensive, with the company announcing Friday that it is raising prices across its subscriptions in the U.S. and Canada for the third time in five years.Netflix on TV. Credit: Thibault Penin/UnsplashThe cost for the basic streaming plan in the U.S. is rising by $1 to $9.99 a month, while the standard plan rose from $13.99 to $15.49 and the premium subscription rose from $17.99 to $19.99, according to the company's website. Read more

TechCrunch—Netflix raised its prices again – TechCrunch. Netflix has raised the prices of its subscription services once again in the U.S. and Canada. All new subscribers will see the new prices starting today, and existing customers will receive an email notice 30 days before the increase enters effect. The hikes were first reported by Reuters, which Netflix told: “We’re updating our prices [—What If Netflix Raised Its Prices and Nobody Cared?. The bigger problem right now: Wall Street is worried the service isn’t growing fast enough.