Mars 2020: NASA Moves Rover Launch to July 30 Due to Carrier Rocket Issues

by Tech Times

Tech Times— NASA would have to delay the flight of its Mars rover until July 30, which is now close to the end of its limited launch window between July 17 and August 11.

TechSpot—NASA pushes back Mars Perseverance rover launch to no earlier than July 30. The space agency said that during a recent wet dress rehearsal, a liquid oxygen sensor line expressed off-nominal data. As such, additional time is needed for the team to inspect and further evaluate the issue.

Mail Online—NASA delays the launch of its Perseverance rover until at least July 30. This is the second time the launch has been delayed in the past week - it was originally due to set off on July 17 but this was pushed back to July 22.

Engadget—NASA delays Mars rover launch until at least July 30th. You’ll have to wait longer than you might like to see the Perseverance rover begin its journey to Mars. NASA and United Launch Alliance have delayed blast-off for the Mars 2020 mission from July 22nd to “no earlier than” July 30th. Processing problem