I made cinnamon rolls in an air fryer and they were better than my usual method

by TechRadar

TechRadar— Love cinnamon rolls but struggle to get them to look and taste like those you buy? We found out an air fryer is the secret to cooking them, and we'll never go back

Boing Boing—It's time to get in on the air fryer madness with this $64 off this air fryer. We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views. Although we've been getting all googly-eyed over air fryers for years now, the air fryer craze reached critical mass over the past couple of years. — Read the rest

Washington Examiner—Dishonor roll for lawsuits includes Tootsie Rolls, Hawaiian rolls, and rolls of the dice. If you’re offended that Tootsie Rolls contain sugar and fat or that a brand of bread rolls called King’s Hawaiian is made in bakeries outside of Hawaii or that the Mrs. Smith’s brand of pies doesn’t contain enough butter in their crusts, well, then, step right up to the courthouse.

The Telegraph—The best air fryers for healthier home cooking. We tested the best air fryers for crispy chips and comfort food with a fraction of the oil