How the tech industry will have to step up to fight online toxicity and child abuse

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— When it comes to fighting online toxicity and sexual abuse of children, Two Hat Security has figured out how to automate some of the task.

VentureBeat—Rockstar Games will donate 5% of GTA Online and Red Dead Online revenue to fight coronavirus. Rockstar Games said it will donate 5% of revenue for GTA Online and Red Dead Online to fight the coronavirus over the next month.

BBC News—Coronavirus: Online child abuse warning during lockdown. Europol is warning that online child abusers are preparing to take advantage of more unsupervised kids online.

VentureBeat—Tech industry shifts dollars and manufacturing to fight coronavirus. President Donald Trump asked the "great American industry" to help the country deal with the coronavirus, and tech companies are responding.