Here's An Update On The $1,480 Chinese EV I Ordered From Alibaba

by— Sure, the world may be collapsing all around us thanks to the relentless march of that spiny little bastard, the Coronavirus, but some important things are still pressing on, undaunted. One of those things is the progress of my order of a $US900 ($1,480) Chinese-built electric car from the huge website Alibaba. I’m delighted to inform you that Jalopnik’s car has been built, and I have pictures of our very car, fresh from the factory. So, you know, prepare yourself accordingly, likely involving a...

WTOP—Coronavirus update: Md., Va. stay-at-home orders in place; DC order in effect April 1. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has issued a "stay at home" order, directing Virginians to stay home except for getting food, supplies, medical care, to go to work and to get fresh air and exercise. Northam's order follows a similar directive issued earlier in the day by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.—Maryland coronavirus updates for March 24: The difference between shelter-in-place and Hogan’s orders; Who’s hiring?. Today's top stories Gov. Larry Hogan asserted Monday his order to close all non-essential businesses was less “Draconian” than the actions of other municipalities. In Italy, for example, going outside for any reason other than a trip to the pharmacy, hospital or grocery is punishable. There were

VG247—Animal Crossing update 1.1.1 is out now, and it patches out a cheat. Animal Crossing New Horizons has only been out for a couple of days, but Nintendo is already issuing patches. The new update, update 1.1.1, strips out a game-breaking bug that could be exploited to cheat. Animal Crossing game servers went down for a little while overnight, but they should be active again by the time