Google just beat humans at spotting breast cancer — but it won’t replace them. A new study reveals Google AI is often better at detecting breast cancer than actual doctors

by The Verge

The Verge— A new paper, published in Nature, shows Google AI identified breast cancer that radiologists originally missed.

The Independent—Google AI can spot possible breast cancer better than trained experts and could dramatically improve detection, study suggests. Artificial intelligence tool could reduce the number of false positives

ExtremeTech—Google AI Is Better At Identifying Breast Cancer Than Human Doctors. Google is one of the leading developers of neural network AI, and it has developed a new system that uses the power of AI to identify breast cancer in mammograms that doctors might miss.  The post Google AI Is Better At Identifying Breast Cancer Than Human Doctors appeared first on ExtremeTech.—Google's AI Proves Better At Detecting Breast Cancer Than Doctors. Google, in its bid to move into healthcare, reports that researchers have successfully trained AI to detect breast cancer with greater accuracy than doctors. In a Google-funded study, a team of independent researchers from various hospitals and universities, researchers from Google Health, and engineers from DeepMind (a Google-owned UK-based AI company) compared analyses of nearly 29,000 mammograms from UK and U.S.-sourced datasets. The study reports that they found 9.7% and 2.7% reductions in...