Facebook, Google CEOs were aware of formal advertising market deal, according to court filing

by CNN

CNN— Chief executives of Alphabet Inc's Google and Facebook were aware of a deal to carve up part of the online advertising market, according to an amended complaint filed by Texas and other states that have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

the Guardian—Lawsuit claims Facebook and Google CEOs were aware of deal to control advertising sales. Newly revealed documents from the complaint against Google shed light on potential advertising sales manipulation Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai were allegedly aware of and approved a deal to collaborate on the potential manipulation of advertising sales, according to newly revealed documents. The documents, which came to light on Friday, were filed as part of a lawsuit against Google brought by the attorneys general of multiple US states. The lawsuit was first filed...

POLITICO—Zuckerberg and Google CEO approved deal to carve up ad market, states allege in court. Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg was a signer to the pact, which she described as “a big deal strategically,” an updated lawsuit against Google says.

CNBC—Google, Facebook CEOs oversaw illegal ad auction deal that gave Facebook an advantage, states allege. Chief executives of Google and Facebook personally oversaw a 2018 deal that advantaged Facebook on Google's ad auctions, a group of states alleged on Friday.