Exploding Kittens puts out fires from higher demand for tabletop games

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— The folks at Exploding Kittens, one of the most popular tabletop games ever, are putting out fires all over the place, thanks to the coronavirus.

VentureBeat—How Eve Online is adapting to higher demand and complicated game development during the pandemic. Eve Online maker CCP is adapting to higher demand for its online game, but it is also dealing with complicated game development during the pandemic.

www.rawstory.com—Demand explodes for New York food banks. New York food banks have become inundated with newcomers deprived of income since the near-total halt of business in the United States’ economic capital. Sacks of oranges, sweet potatoes and onions are spread over three tables at an open-air market in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in the north of Manhattan. Sterilized milk and cans of [

Boing Boing—Creating realistic vegetation for a tabletop gaming board. Last month, I covered the unreal tabletop fantasy village that Real Terrain Hobbies and Gobbertown Hobbies built using buildings from Tabletop World, two Croatian sculptors who pretty much make the best resin-cast fantasy buildings in the world. Now, Neil of Real Terrain is building a gaming board and terrain features worthy of the Tabletop World buildings that he and Brent so meticulously painted. Here are his first two videos documenting the process. The first is of him building the actual...