Don’t believe the hype: The NFT revolution in gaming is a downgrade

by TechRadar

TechRadar— NFTs are being hailed as the latest tech to revolutionize gaming, but so far, they offer nothing games can’t already do.

Chicago Sun-Times—The McCaskeys don’t know that they don’t know, and it’s a massive problem for the Bears. Bears chairman George McCaskey will have the final say in choosing the team’s next general manager and coach. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Same failed structure is in place for the choosing of the next GM and coach. Of all the disturbing things about the Bears’ sorry situation, the most disturbing is the unshakeable feeling that it’s going to take some sort of cosmic interruption, maybe a ripple in the fabric of time and space, for the team to get things right. It certainly won’t be...

the Guardian—How to Do Things With Emotions by Owen Flanagan review – don’t shout, don’t let it all out. A philosopher contends that we should value shame and reject rage in a valuable study of the role that emotions play in society Therapists dwell in the land of emotions. It is our job to receive the emotional tenor of our analysands, to follow their speech patterns, their repetitions, their haltings, speedings-up and silences. We endeavour to find the words to decipher the complexity and subtlety of what is wanting to be conveyed and understood. It is not a simple job. The therapist’s emotional...—‘Don’t Look Up’ commentary: I appreciate the message. Here’s why I don’t like the messenger. If movies had the vote, I'd belong to the same political party as “Don’t Look Up.” So why don’t I like Adam McKay's peppy disaster movie more?